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local Delivery in Orange County ONLY

Job Title: Farmers Market Sales & Tasting Ambassadors (aka “Wellness Ninjas”)

Job Summary:

Do you have an obsession with food and all things wellness? Do you spend your free time making colorful veggie Buddha Bowls, drinking matcha lattes, taking yoga and cycling classes, reading nutritional labels, and Google-ing the health benefits for ingredients like cilantro and garlic? Do you often find yourself smiling for no apparent reason? Do you want to work with likeminded people who share your passions and interests? If any/all of these traits describe you, keep reading. The Cultured Nutt is building a team of passionate, motivated creative, fun, and enthusiastic “wellness ninjas” to join our growing Farmers Market team.

Thursdays (Anaheim), Saturdays (Orange), and Sundays (Irvine). We will be adding new farmers markets locations every couple of weeks as well.

The Cultured Nutt is a wellness food company that makes Everything Spreads – cashew spreads in unbelievable flavors like Chimichurri, Lemon Pesto, and Spicy Cilantro. We use all fresh, real ingredients – focusing on health, quality, and, of course, taste. We are a very new company focused on growing our farmers market presence around Orange County and Los Angeles. This job may also include working tasting booths at grocery stores.


  • Hourly pay + tiered sales commission
  • Opportunities for career growth…we want creative people who want to grow within our company. Endless opportunities to use whatever skills you’re great at!
  • Discounts on Cultured Nutt products
  • Discount at many other Farmers Market vendors
  • Flexible schedule
  • Opportunities to meet chefs, food writers, photographers, and not to mention, all the interesting people who come to farmers market 

Job Responsibilities:

Set Up Duties:
-Drive to our kitchen in Santa Ana
-Load product into large ice chest (must fit in your car)
-Load Farmers Market equipment into car (tent, tables, signage, etc.)
-Drive to Anaheim Farmers Market & set up booth
Farmers Market Duties:
-Encourage customers to try our product (we need someone who is not shy…who will enthusiastically engage with everyone who walks up to the booth)
-Proactively engaging with customers while sampling food and educating them about ingredients, health benefits, suggested recipes, etc. (You will be trained)
-Exceeding sales goals on a week-to-week basis
-Developing relationships with return-customers
-Keep track of each sold item, amount of inventory, and total sales.
-Replenish product on display when needed
-Suggest following us on social media, signing up for email list, etc.
Post Market Duties:
-Report sales to Farmers Market Manager & pay booth fee
-Record total sales and remaining inventory (*YOU WILL GET COMMISSION ON SOLD ITEMS, so accuracy is important)
-Take down booth & load car (making sure all the product is in ice chest
-Drive back to kitchen in Santa Ana and unload ice chest into cooler, and equipment into storage.


Farmers Market Schedules:

Downtown Anaheim Farmers Market
Prep Hours(approx.): 10AM – 11AM
Farmers Market Hours: 11AM – 4PM
Post-Market Hours (approx.): 4PM – 5PM
            Orange Home Grown Farmers Market
Prep Hours(approx.): 8AM – 9AM
            Farmers Market Hours: 9AM – 1PM
            Post-Market Hours(approx.): 1PM – 2PM
            Great Park Irvine Farmers Market
            Prep Hours(approx.): 9AM – 10AM
            Farmers Market Hours: 10AM – 2PM
            Post Market Hours(approx.): 2PM – 3PM


Looking for someone who has…

  • Grit – hustles to meet sales goals, complete tasks, treats company like their own, willing, eager, tenacious, and self-motivated
  • Optimism – views work as a fun learning experience, smiles often, and thinks of creative solutions to problems
  • Authenticity – strives for constant self-improvement, open to feedback, accountable, reliable, and honest
  • Leadership – a model of what our company stands for, a good communicator, organized
  • IMPECCABLE People Skills – thrives on customer engagement, strong interpersonal skills
  • Passion for food, wellness, plant-based, etc.
  • Willingness to learn and grow
  • Ability to stand at the Tasting Station for up to 4 hours
  • Experience with customer service, sales, marketing or event planning
  • Results-oriented mindset
  • Problem solving skills
  • High-energy with the passion for our product
  • Time management skills – cannot be late to these markets

Other Requirements:

Being physically able to lift and carry heavy coolers with a partner is a must. There will be on the job training for the first couple markets.

Must have your own transportation - big enough to fit a large ice chest and farmers market equipment.

We are looking for people who are interested in growing with our company, as we hope to expand to grocery stores around Orange County and Los Angeles soon. More hours will be available doing in-store demos or helping to prep the product in the kitchen if that’s something you’re interested in.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $80.00+commission/day

Please send your resumes and cover letters to kaylie@theculturednutt.com.